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Cold Storage

The history of storage begins with natural caves. We can also start storage with people burying their food and drink in the snow. Today, it has been reached to the enclosure made by using Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DKA) technology, which is the latest technology in this field. Romans BC. They are the first architectures of the primitive storage methods still in use today, with the first storage information they presented in the regions in the first half of the 100th year. Old copies, improved poor distributions are still used. Today, refrigeration has turned into a large industry supported by superior engineering technologies. Cold storage has created a very profitable sector that benefits both the producer and the employee by deeply affecting the country’s economy.

Storage processes have always had a very important place in people’s lives. The storage of food plays an important role and as the cooling efficiency becomes industrial, food production began to increase. Produced foods can be stored for a long time and made suitable for food prices. From the past to the present, people have always felt the need and desire to store, preserve and preserve the surplus part of the product consumption or sales they produce. Because being able to obtain surplus products for a longer period of time, consuming or offering to consume these products when needed in the future, makes individuals and societies in general safer and stronger in economic and social terms. The preservation of the products was carried out in the containers, wells and cellars, which were prepared in a very simple way at first, without temperature and humidity control. Today, storage operations are in a very rapid development process with the help of science and technology. The long-term preservation of spoilage is now ensured in modern equipment, the heat and humidity distribution of the cooling medium is controlled throughout the machines, and the deterioration and deterioration of the product is minimized. It allows the products to be stored for a long time as fresh as the first day and to add maximum value to their products. We can define cold storages, to be marketed later, as the non-survival of low temperature and high humidity, which will ensure their preservation or minimize quality loss.


Cold storage is the place where foodstuffs are stored in normal atmosphere, for cold or frozen storage. Cold storages are facilities established for the purpose of storing perishable foodstuffs, with all kinds of cooling equipment, insulated in a way that is not affected by external conditions, heat and humidity conditions can be adjusted according to the types of products stored, and they are a part of the production, physical distribution and marketing organization based on the preservation of quality rather than profit. Also known as.

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