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About Us Frigoline Group

  Our company has become one of the leading representatives of the industry in a short time thanks to its deep-rooted ability and successful projects in producing innovative and ergonomic solutions in the industrial cooling sector. We established Frigoline as a group company and offer Frigoline, Frigoplus, Frigoline International, Frigo Cooling and Frigo Marketing. Based on our experience of more than 20 years in the industry, we have focused on the production of cold storage machinery and equipment for the last 8 years. With our strong company structure and expert staff, we offer and deliver commercial and industrial refrigeration to the whole world. 

  Combining its expertise in the production of cold room machinery and equipment with turnkey cold room delivery, Frigoline Group achieves maximum efficiency by offering personalized, rational and permanent solutions with its innovative designs and experience in cold storage production. 

  By developing R&D and P&D based products, Frigoline Group provides an economical and highly efficient, energy-saving service with a wide range of solutions for food, integrated meat processing, milk and dairy products, aquaculture, agricultural products, cold storage and warehouses. offers. livestock, health, information, logistics and every sector where your need arises. Offering turnkey project services, high quality, long-lasting products and equipment that is open to innovations in technology, the company we represent also offers sales and after-sales services to the whole world in the world market.

Frigoline Group Our Vission

Our vission as Frigoline Group is to be a company that creates the future through innovative products and services by turning our manufacturing and service network, which we have built in the national and worldwide markets, into a global brand.With our project design and turnkey industrial cooling solutions, our ecologically conscious brand continues to grow with our institutionalism and professionalism.

Frigoline Group Our Mission


Our mission as Frigoline Group, our goal to create and implement industrial cooling systems that are highly energy efficient, environmentally conscious, and appropriate for their intended use. We also strive to produce long-term solutions and deliver them to our clients.With the help of our engineering, sales, and marketing services, we integrate our extensive industry knowledge and product expertise with the national and worldwide markets to offer a variety of solutions that add value to the ecosystem.

About Products

About the Company: Our company started activities in 2016 with the production of cold storage machinery and equipment in the Sivas Organize Industrial Zone. With our authorized dealer and authorized service, we provide turn-key solutions to the Industrial Cooling Sector both domestically and internationally.

The main focus of our company is to manufacture and system integrate economic, long-lasting product storage equipment for investors while building sustainable relations. Our company is continuously developing its field experience with investors and solution partners to correctly determine the growing and processing conditions of the commodities to be stored and processed.

Our company’s field experience is above standards, which makes it open to innovation by equipment with modern technology. In this way, the stored products are stored and processed with minimum losses and maximum efficiency. As a result, the construction of this type of special production equipment paves the way.

Our Values

We are committed to being an organization that stands out by creating value, preserving justice and acting collaboratively.

Value Orientation:
Values such as honesty, ethical behavior and reliability are at the core of our business. Each member adds value to our organization by carrying these values and putting them at the center of our business.

Justice and Equality:
We believe that justice should be accessible to all. There is no room for discrimination in any way. We create an environment where all our employees will be evaluated fairly based on their abilities and contributions.

Cooperation and Responsibility:
Collaboration within and outside the company is essential. Together we achieve more, and by sharing responsibilities, each of us contributes to the success of the organization.

Innovation and Change:
Embracing change and constantly seeking innovation is a core feature of our organization. We boldly support innovation and encourage creative ideas.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:
Doing our business in a sustainable way is of value to the world and society. In addition to economic success, we also focus on making positive contributions in social and environmental areas.
By following these principles, we aim to contribute to the future success of our organization.