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In the realm of precision cooling, the role of cold room control elements cannot be overstated. These technical marvels are at the heart of creating and maintaining optimal temperature environments in various settings, from commercial cold rooms to industrial cold storage spaces. This comprehensive exploration unveils the intricate workings of different control elements, their technical specifications, and their profound impact on enhancing the efficiency and reliability of cold room operations.

Cold air control elements serve as the linchpin of temperature management, ensuring that stored items remain in prime condition. These elements encompass a range of accessories and spare parts, designed to fine-tune and optimize cold room performance. From cold room control boards and switchboards to sophisticated control panels, these components form the backbone of an energy-efficient cold storage setup. The integration of cutting-edge technology, such as the Xweb system, and the focus on energy-saving measures culminate in a cooling environment that is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

One standout feature in cold room control is the incorporation of advanced monitoring systems. These systems, equipped with features like the cold room alarm system, offer real-time insights into temperature fluctuations, ensuring timely interventions to prevent spoilage. 

The digital cold room monitoring system empowers users with accurate and up-to-date information, while cold storage tracking and following functionalities provide unparalleled visibility into temperature control and maintenance.

In the realm of specialized environments, such as ice houses and ice plants, the significance of temperature control is paramount. The integration of walk-in box temperature control and ice house temperature control elements ensures the preservation of ice quality, preventing unnecessary wastage and promoting operational efficiency. These control systems, whether in a cold room or a cold storage setup, enable users to maintain precise temperature levels, enhancing the overall quality of stored items.

The journey to superior cold room control is an investment in efficiency, sustainability, and quality preservation. Explore our range of cold room control elements, from intuitive monitoring systems to cutting-edge control panels, and experience the fusion of technology and precision. Choose innovation, choose reliability, and choose the path to optimal cold room control – choose our control elements today. Your cold storage operations will never be the same again.


The effective alarm management system easily detects alarm conditions and sends the necessary warnings to ensure optimum operation of the application.


It has the maximum connectivity possibility with hardware with USB, Ethernet, RS485 and modem connection ports.


The user interface can be used with all new web browsers. There is no need to install any additional software. It is also fully compatible with touch screen technologies.


Continuous data recording, HACCP reports and timely alarm notifications guarantee the quality of fresh and frozen foods and ensure compliance with standards.


We optimize consumption with our environmentally friendly, innovative and efficient applications, and show our respect to the environment by reducing waste, environmental pollution and gas emissions.


After the manufacturing and assembly stages are completed, we complete the test steps of your products and deliver them without any problems.


Central Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Split Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Monoblock Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.