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When it comes to advanced cooling solutions, cold room evaporator stand as a pinnacle of innovation, shaping the way we preserve perishables and maintain optimal temperatures in various environments. Designed for impeccable cooling efficiency, these units are integral to the seamless operation of cold rooms, freezers, and blast freezers. Here, we delve into the technical prowess of different types of evaporators, their unique features, and how they contribute to the desire for enhanced cooling solutions.

Air cooled evaporator and air cooling evaporators represent a remarkable evolution in cooling technology. These units offer exceptional performance across a range of applications, from standard refrigeration setups to specialized environments like blast freezers. The versatility of these cooling evaporator makes them an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient cooling solutions. Additionally, twin flow evaporator and twin flow glycol evaporator provide a high-efficiency airflow design, ensuring even cooling distribution and minimal temperature variations within the storage space.

For those requiring tailored cooling solutions, ceiling type evaporator and ceiling type with corner evaporator offer a unique approach. 

These specialized units are designed for optimal space utilization while maintaining consistent cooling throughout the room. Whether you’re operating a frozen storage room or a blast freezer, these evaporators ensure that every corner of your space is efficiently cooled, preserving the quality of your products.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond standard offerings. With a focus on special production and craftsmanship, we offer solutions like stainless cooler and stainless cassette evaporators. These units combine cutting-edge technology with durability, making them suitable for even the most demanding environments. The application of epoxy-painted evaporators and epoxy-painted coolers further enhances longevity by providing corrosion resistance, ensuring your cooling system remains reliable for years to come.

When considering a purchase, factors such as prices of evaporators and long-term operational costs naturally come into play. Rest assured, our evaporator battery solutions, including Sc1, Sc2, Sc3, Sc4, Sc5, offer cost-effective options without compromising on performance. Additionally, double flow evaporatorswall type evaporatorswall-mounted evaporatorshorizontal evaporators, and vertical evaporators provide a diverse array of choices to match your specific needs.

Elevate your cooling experience with our range of industrial evaporatorsevaporator units, and cubic type unit coolers. From efficient cooling distribution to specialized designs, our cold room evaporators offer a seamless blend of technology and performance. Experience the future of cooling technology and make a lasting investment in your business with our comprehensive range of cooling solutions. Choose innovation, choose efficiency, and choose the desire for superior cooling – choose our cold room evaporators today.

Mold geometry: 32 mm x 28 mm

V-Type Aluminum Fin

Between the lamellae, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm are designed.

The input - output collector material is copper.

Maximum permissible operating pressure Ps = 21 Bar.

Staggered pipe array.

Coolers Design suitable for working with R404A, R507C, R22, R134A, R407C, R448A, R449A refrigerants.

Refrigerant distributor.

It is painted electrostatic RAL 9016 on galvanized steel.

Optional stainless cassette option.

Removable side covers.

Hinged / Folding drain pan is standard on all models.

Intermediate drain pan.

Cooler options with different fan diameters and number of fans according to room sizes.

Standard or low noise maintenance-free fan option.

Optional AC or EC fan motor options.

Protection class IP54, fan construction insulation material class F.

Optionally selectable fan accessory types (Axicool fans, FlowGrid noise reducers, etc.)

Working range is -40 ° C / + 50 ° C.

B1 Defrost system is for the application range at 0 ° C / + 5 ° C room temperature. Defrost heaters are only mounted on the battery.

B2 Defrost system is for -34 ° C / 0 ° C room temperature application range. Defrost heaters are mounted on coil and drain pan.

Drain line heater, fan hood heater, hot gas defrost system and water defrost system are optional.

Defrosting application provides homogeneous heat distribution for fast and efficient defrosting.

At higher and equal room temperatures greater than + 4 ° C, optionally, the water defrost option with the cooler design with increased pan depth.

Different exterior color.

Different pipe wall thickness and pitch.

Single phase 220V 1 ~ 50Hz - Three phase 400V 3 ~ 50 Hz fan options.

Insulation pan.

Stainless steel cabinet.

Epoxy paint.

Fan cable resistance.

Drain line cable resistance

Hot gas defrost in the battery and pan.


Central Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Split Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Monoblock Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.