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Narrow Panel

In the realm of cold storage solutions, maximizing space without compromising efficiency is paramount. Enter the game-changing narrow panel and cold room corner panel technologies, designed to revolutionize how you utilize and optimize your cold storage facility. This comprehensive guide unveils the technical prowess of these panels, equipping you with insights to enhance your cold storage infrastructure and elevate your business to new heights.

Narrow panels are engineered with precision to provide a sleek and space-efficient solution for cold room environments. These panels are meticulously designed to occupy minimal space while delivering maximum insulation and thermal performance. Their slim profile makes them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize every inch of their cold storage facility, allowing you to expand your storage capacity without the need for extensive renovations.

When it comes to tight corners and challenging spaces, our cold room corner panels rise to the occasion. These panels are tailor-made to fit seamlessly into corners, ensuring no space is wasted in your cold storage facility. The advanced design not only optimizes storage but also enhances airflow and temperature consistency, resulting in improved product preservation and reduced energy consumption.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident in the integration of high-quality materials such as reinforced polyurethane. This not only bolsters the insulation capabilities of the panels but also contributes to substantial energy savings over time. The use of these innovative materials aligns with our dedication to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable cold storage solutions.

By choosing our narrow and corner panel solutions, you’re investing in a transformative approach to cold storage. Whether you’re in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or any sector requiring precise temperature control, these panels are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Experience the future of cold storage optimization and witness firsthand the positive impact on your operations, product quality, and bottom line.

Take the leap into a new era of cold storage efficiency with our revolutionary narrow and corner panels. Empower your business with the tools it needs to thrive in a competitive landscape while ensuring your products remain in pristine condition. Elevate your cold storage experience today and unlock a world of possibilities for growth and success.


Lock Detail

Sandwich panels produced with eccentric lock system can be easily combined thanks to this system. Thanks to the male-female joint detail between the two joint surfaces, a perfect, heat-bridged, leak-proof joint is provided after application.

Junction Detail

With the interlocking of the sandwich panels thanks to their male female form, no intermediate connection elements are needed, so its installation is quick and practical.

Setup Detail

Sandwich panels can be easily applied in steel constructions or reinforced concrete buildings thanks to their modular structure.



Central Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Split Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Monoblock Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.