Heat Types

There are two types of heat in the cooling cycle: Latent Heat:The amount of heat required to change the state of the substance. Sensible Heat: The heat required to change the temperature of the substance.

Cooling Cycle

The process that occurs within a cooler system is called a cooling cycle, where the changes are defined when a refrigerant absorbs heat and then emits it. Cooling Cycle Diagram:: 1) Condenser 2) Expansion Valve 3) Evaporator 4) Compressor The refrigerant at low pressure is increased by the compressor to high pressure and transmitted from…

Enerji Verimliliği Kavramları

Energy efficiency is the value obtained by dividing the energy obtained by the energy used to obtain it. The simple expression is the process of giving one and taking more. The higher the multiple receptions, the more energy efficient the system is. In the calculation of the energy efficiency of air conditioning, cooling and heating…


In a cooling cycle, refrigerants are used as intermediates in which heat is transferred from one medium to another, which are the chemical components that provide heat exchange usually by converting from liquid to vapor state and from vapor to liquid state.