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Fruit and Vegetable Storage Rooms

  • When harvested fruits and vegetables are stored in suitable conditions, they significantly retain their fresh qualities for a period of time. The appropriate conditions are achieved by adjusting the temperature and relative humidity.
  • There is a certain temperature and relative humidity in which each fruit and vegetable can be ideally stored.
  • Optimum storage requirements of the same fruit or vegetable may vary depending on the variety and the ecological conditions in which it is grown.
  • No matter how well the optimum conditions in storage are achieved, each fruit and vegetable has the ability to last only a certain period of time. This period varies from a few days to 5-6 months.
  • At the end of these product-specific periods, the stored product quickly loses its quality and then completely deteriorates.
banana ripening storage

Controlled Growing and Ripening Rooms

  • A suitable atmosphere is provided in order to keep the fruit and vegetables in storage for long periods.
  • This is an environment where oxygen is almost destroyed, a nitrogenous environment is created, and the ideal temperature is achieved by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and ethylene produced from stored vegetables and fruits.
Mantar Odası

Mushroom Growing Rooms

    • Naturally, the growth of mushrooms depends on the conditions required by the mushrooms; however these conditions are created in commercial enterprises.
    • Temperature, humidity and ventilation are the most important ecological factors in cultivation of the mushrooms. It greatly affects the yield and quality.
    • Mushrooms are very selective in terms of climatic requirements and also they may have different ecological requirements in different periods.
    • For this reason, commercial places must be air-conditioned depending on the requirements of mushrooms.
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Potato and Onion Storage Rooms

  • Potato tubers are living and breathing organisms.
  • During inhalation, they release carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. The potato tubers are aerated to prevent extremely high levels of growth of these three products and to provide a favorable environment for live potato tubers.
  • Ventilation and cooling of the potato storage can be defined as ensuring correct air temperature, air circulation and distribution throughout the tank and tubers. The aim of these three factors is to obtain uniform tuber temperature, humidity and air throughout the storage for potatoes.
  • Potatoes can be stored for a long period of 10-12 months in high quality, according to the diversity of these environmental conditions.