General Specifications

  • For the cold storages, the most efficient lighting method is LED lighting. Thanks to the led lighting systems used in the cold rooms, we prevent the heat source caused by the lighting in the room. Led lighting fixtures can be used for many years without any problem in a wide range of temperature.
  • It is widely used in the cold rooms due to its high efficiency, long life and not being a heat source. Replacement and maintenance costs are low.
  • Today, the bulb life of light sources commonly used in industrial applications is approximately 6,000-12,000 hours. This figure is over 50.000 hours in led systems.
  • High Light Efficiency

    Much of the energy consumed in classic light sources is converted to heat. In LED lighting systems, this ratio is much lower. This enables higher illumination with less energy.

  • Long Lasting

    LED lighting has an average life of 5 times longer than fluorescent and gas discharged bulbs.
    Therefore, it is the future lighting technology for industrial lighting.

  • Steerable

    Classic light sources give light out in all directions. By using LED systems, it is possible to direct the light only to the areas you want to enlighten.

  • High Light Quality

    LED lighting systems provide high-quality white light. Thus, the colors seem as they seem in the sunlight. Light flickers are not seen, as the ones seen in classic lighting.

  • Safe

    Arcs produced in classic lighting systems can cause a fire if they are combined with gas leaks that may occur in production areas. For operating with low voltage, LED lighting systems do not pose such a risk.

  • Economic

    If the thermal, electrical and optical design is done correctly, the energy saving rate for LED lighting systems is 40-85% excluding maintenance and bulb replacement.