General Specifications

  • It is used to balance the room pressure and outdoor pressure in the cold storages. At lower temperatures in cold rooms, a pressure difference occurs with hot air that can enter the room when the door opens and closes, or in the process of defrosting. Pressure balance valves are used to prevent damage to cold room doors or panels due to this pressure difference. The valves can be used up to -50 degrees, as they are made of completely durable plastic. The valve is equipped with a resistance system to prevent the valve from freezing during air inlet and outlet.


Mini Elebar731472/85--60
Maxi Elebar260402402556215
positive temperaturenegative temperature
MODEL10 °C0 °C-1 °C30 °C
Mini Elebar250360195250
Maxi Elebar4300620034004300
ModelresistanceMaximum Volume
Mini Elebar7 W25 m³
Elebar16 W100 m³
Maxi Elebar36 W> 100 m³

The following formula is used to determine the amount of air required to balance internal and external pressure:

Q = k.V.Δt

Q = Required amount of air (lt/min)
K = 3.66 (Fixed Number)
V = Cold Room Volume (m³)
Δt = Maximum Temperature Change in Room (°C) – (change/minute)