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Revolutionize Preservation with Our 50kg Freeze Dryer: A Technological Marvel

Meet our flagship 50kg freeze dryer, the embodiment of technological excellence that redefines conservation. This advanced freeze dryer combines cutting-edge technology with the latest innovations to give you a superior solution for food, medicine and more. Dive into the technical intricacies that have made our 50 kg freeze dryer a game-changer in preservation technology.

Emerging Technical Talent:
Large Capacity: Our roomy designed 50kg freeze dryer caters to substantial batch sizes ideal for large scale industrial applications and high demand scenarios.

Precision Freeze Stage: Experience uniformity like never before as the freeze stage is meticulously controlled. The gradual temperature reduction ensures consistent ice crystal formation while maintaining the quality of the product.

Efficient Primary Drying: The integrated vacuum system works at optimized levels, facilitating efficient sublimation. The direct conversion from ice to steam allows moisture to be removed without compromising the integrity of the product.

Comprehensive Secondary Drying: Raise preservation standards with our secondary drying stage. The dryer’s precise temperature control ensures complete elimination of moisture, which is crucial for sensitive products.

Advanced Heat Transfer: Embrace efficiency with advanced heat transfer mechanisms, including heated shelves and radiant panels. These features increase moisture removal efficiency by providing even heat distribution.

Robust Vacuum System: Our freeze dryer features a robust vacuum system that consistently maintains the required reduced pressure throughout the drying process. Reliable vacuum performance ensures successful sublimation.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring: Experience precision while you work with the integrated temperature monitoring system. Real-time feedback ensures that the freezing and drying phases take place at optimum temperatures, preserving product quality.

User-Focused Interface: Seamlessly interact with our freeze dryer through an intuitive user interface. Parameter setting, progress tracking and customization are at your fingertips.

Energy Efficiency Champion: Our 50 kg model represents sustainability. With optimized power consumption, you can conserve resources without compromising the quality of your products.

Versatile Application: The flexibility of our freeze dryer suits a wide range of products, from kitchen creations to life-saving medicines. Adaptability is key to meeting various industry needs.

Premium Construction: Our freeze dryer, made from premium materials, prioritizes durability and hygiene. Compliance with industry standards ensures long-term performance and reliability.

Enhance Protection with Innovation: Experience the pinnacle of preservation technology with our 50kg freeze dryer. As a mark of technical excellence, it sets the benchmark for quality, efficiency and sustainability, bringing conservation into a new era. Embrace the future of conservation; Contact us today to revolutionize your approach to conservation.


Central Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Split Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.

Monoblock Cooling Unit

Central cooling units are preferred in commercial facilities, markets and logistics storage areas.